Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The next best Multicultural poem….

Our Blog   is a collection of the all-time best famous Multicultural poems.Below  is the poem entitled  “Multiculturalism ”   which was written by poet Alex Duffy.

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I just got told I shouldn’t listen to Hip-hop because I’m white
This to me is madness
I guess because I’m more knowledgeable than him on it he thought it wasn’t right
He couldn’t even answer me who made the albums straight outta Compton or Illmatic

I found it funny at the time
As he only listened to Gucci Mane, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne
And he couldn’t even name a single Big L line
He even had the nerve to say Eminem was lame

He just got schooled about Hip-hop by a white kid
This was too much for him to take
So calling me names was now what he did
But how dumb to judge another by their race 

How can so many people have broken vision?
Because we have different beliefs
We can get killed by someone who follows another religion
This is the hardest thing to believe

Weren’t we all born to be different?
So why on earth are you so judging?
I’m not going to list everyone but I don’t care about a person’s religion
I don’t care weather you’re a Christian, or Muslim

I’ll judge you based on how you treat me
Not about the colour of your skin
I leave all judgemental people beneath me
I don’t need to speak to you again

Every Muslim isn’t a terrorist
Every black man isn’t a gangster or criminal
Every white man isn’t a crooked cop or well paid therapist
I thought we’d got racism down to a place where it was minimal

So some people don’t feel safe going out in the community
It’s stupid to judge a whole race for 1 mans actions truthfully
I’ll speak my mind till the day I die
And I won’t be losing sleep

But you can’t judge me based on the actions of a man with the same colour skin
Or the same beliefs
Maybe some will say I was wrong for writing this
But I’m entitled to talk about things I see...

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