Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Nick Nwolisa: “What I really love in life: My family!”

Mr. Nwolisa has lived in Azerbaijan for many years and has a vast connection with very important and strategic businesses. He has worked in several business spheres and organizations and has contributed to the growth of numerous businesses in different industries. He has a well-rounded network with in developing / emerging markets.

Nick Nwolisa: Travelling and discovering different cultures and learning new languages was always very central in my life and accompanies me until now. So, after having lived for some time in Azerbaijan, I’m currently living again in Azerbaijan. For a living I work for NGOs, where I usually work in different project teams all around Azerbaijan  to consult companies with their businesses and entrepreneurs  issues. There is so much that interest me and which I find inspiring. The world offers just so many wonderful things and moments and I enjoy to experience as much of it as possible. Out of those things the following is what I really like to do: Meeting up with friends, having diverse conversations, writing in many ways, cross-literature reading, traveling and philosophising about cultural identity, migration/integration, diversity and everything that belongs to a multicultural world.

What I really love in life: My family! My wife is from Azerbaijan  and together we founded a new life together in (for now) Azerbaijan. We were given the most wonderful present on earth: Our Children!”

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