Friday, October 7, 2016

IMN Representative for Cameroon,Dr.Joash Norman Moitui :" Multiculturalism in Cameroon."

 Multiculturalism in Cameroon 

The diversity of Cameroon is evident with existence of 250 ethnic groups, a fact that has promoted peace existence, cohesion and appreciation for diversity. This assertion is captured in comments by a turkey diplomat that, “Cameroon is a mosaic of 250 tribes”.
This diversity is expressed culturally through different lifestyles, food, clothing and languages. In the face of such potential coupled with rich cultural and social backgrounds, antagonists of the country’s historical background have termed the nation an “African legendary pathfinder”. This term means that the nation cannot completely champion for African unity without first pursuing its own multi-cultural nation building. In order to achieve continental integration the country requires dependence on the theory and practice of multiculturalism. One of the tenets of multiculturalism is introducing diversity to subsume, ethnicity and racism. In view of this, to strengthen Cameroon national culture it is important to introduce integration of both the Francophone and the Anglophones. Exemplifying the distinct culture of all the cultural groups notwithstanding their historical backgrounds, regions of origin, race and clans, there would be greater appreciation of cultures.

The standards of education in Cameroon are high compared to other African countries, with a large number of the population educated. However, there are questions on whether the higher levels of education witnessed in the country have translated to development. Also deeper are question on the quality of education. In an exclusive interview, a diplomat termed Cameroon as a county with its own “specificities, strengths and disadvantages”. The author of the book, “Understanding Confusion in Africa: The Politics of Multiculturalism and Nation Building in Cameroon” argues that rather than affirm and embrace biculturalism, Cameroon cultural dualism is gradually being phased out by educational dualism. 

Joash Norman Moitui 
IMN Representative for Cameroon

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