Thursday, August 18, 2016

Multicultural Art: James Killings,Jr., Artist and Musician.

      James Killings, Jr., Artist and Musician

James Killings, Jr. was born in Mineral Wells, Texas in 1961. His father was in the military, which gave the family an opportunity to travel abroad and live in different sections of the world. This experience was an influencing factor to James’ creative spirit. He developed a unique vision that is manifested through his artwork. While living in Hawaii, James did his first piece in a high school art class. His teacher, without his knowledge, submitted the work in a local contest and it won.
This ignited James's creative quest and also gave him confidence to embark upon a career as an artist. In 1979, James Killings, Jr. moved to Atlanta, GA., which began a major chapter in his life. An understanding of his African-American culture and how it relates to the world was revealed. He developed into a performing musician playing the guitar and continued to fulfill his desire to paint. Through the expression of painting, James communicates his love of people, music, and life. “Sometimes words aren’t heard, so I allow my work to speak”, is what James is known to say. He continues to feed his creative appetite by playing and painting in the Atlanta area.

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